Brachioplasty or Upper-Arm Lift Surgery

Aesthetic surgical reshaping techniques for the upper arms, depending on the individual patient needs, range from liposuction or lipoplasty alone to extensive tissue resection. The resulting scars also vary from inconspicuous to significant.

Liposuction alone is sufficient for many patients. For others, a relatively conservative approach is to limit the incision to the hollow of the armpit, producing a scar that is visible only when the arms are raised above the head with the armpit in full view. When skin excess is more extensive, such as in older patients and those with massive weight loss, a longer incision is needed. In such cases, the resulting scar extends down the entire length of the inner aspect of the arm.

Recent advancements in brachioplasty or arm-lifts have resulted in significant technical improvements – not necessarily in the length of scar, but certainly in the quality of scars associated with the more extensive traditional operation. As a result, brachioplasty has become acceptable to a larger precentage of patients who in the past would have declined the procedure due to the visibility of the scar.

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